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Over the many years of trying to find love life finally makes you realise what love is. Not what it entails what it actually is in itself. Love can be for a brother or sister, or concern for a person but no I mean passionate love.

Love is delicate and it takes time to develop. Connections are made and it forms a foundation between two people. Its like a house you need the foundations in order to build it up and if the foundations are missing the house will fall.

This house example is what love is like. If you don’t build the right foundations it will fall. Although it might last a while the foundations may wear out and again the house will fall.

To make this foundation it takes time and care. Rushing in gives a risk of missing an important building block to keeping the love from falling.

Love can take years to develop into the flower it can be however it only takes a split second for things to change. A split second for it to break and crash you down in its path.

If you want true love then take your time. Build it right. Never underestimate the power of loves grasp. I learned this the hard way.


Don’t make my mistake.

Training Journal – Entry 01

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

I have been learning much more about my belief in the Force and I am starting to develop my beliefs even more. I have been running every day and I only now take a break on the sunday. I really need to start eating better as my diet is getting poor. I am more peaceful now as I am meditating both morning and night.

I am doing my best to relearn all the teachings I forgot and will hopefully be back to the Jedi I was in no time.

What is the Force to me?

The Force is much like the Tao described in the first verse of the Tao-Te-Ching.

“The Tao that can be named,
Is not the universal Tao.
The named that can be named,
Is not the universal name.”

This means that there is a big gap between the unnamed (Our intuition) and the named (our words and reasoning). The Force cannot be described by words. We cannot understand the Force fully through word either. In order to understand the Force we must feel and experience it.

One thing we can do to learn more about the Force through words is gain the ability to see beyond the words used. Although we cannot understand the Force through words that doesn’t we cannot learn anything at all by them.

To understand some things about the Force through words we have to see beyond the words and open your mind to many possibilities. Someone who believes in God might dismiss the idea of the Force before looking into it to see if it is maybe the same as God, just because it has a different name. Therefore he never gave it the chance and may have lost a revelation to his own beliefs. He might of learned something new about God or that the Force and God are the same. By opening your mind to more and all possibilities you can understand more about the unnamed.

When I watched the film Avatar I noticed that the goddess Eywa was very similar to the Force I believe in. Below are a few quotes from the film and my description on how it relates to the Force.

“She talks about a network of energy that flows through all living things.”
This quote pretty much describes the basis of the Force. The Force is energy that flows through and within all things. This quote shows that Eywa and the Force are similar when it comes to this quote.

“She says that all energy is only borrowed. And one day we have to give it back.”
This to me relates to the Personal Force. When an organism is created the Living Force transferees energy into the organism giving it, it’s Personal Force. When we die our Personal Force is given back to the Living Force. As we live we borrow the energy given and ad we die we return it. The Living and Personal Force definitely have a connection the same as Eywa.

“Our great mother does not take sides Jake. She protects only the balance of life.”
This last quote is much like the Force as the Force is neutral and the Force does not favor one side more than the other.

The quotes from the film about Eywa relate very closely to the Force and I would say that Eywa to me is just another name for my own belief (The Force).

The Force is everything. In its most simplest form it is energy. All these little particles that make up everything are made up of this energy. Everything in it’s simplest form is this energy, such as the trees, the ocean, the planets, even our bodies.

The Force has many aspects but commonly they are three. These aspects are in no way separate from the Force they just help break it down to understand it.

The Personal Force gives all organisms, living beings, identity, values, beliefs, personality and uniqueness. The Personal Force is transferred from the Living Force and when we die our Personal Force is given back.

The Living Force is the source of all energy. It creates life, makes it grow. Gives us life and being. Without the Living Force life could not exist and we would not be here.

The Unifying or Guiding Force gives us Knowledge, a mind, concepts of right and wrong but very importantly reason and purpose. It’s all good being alive but there is no point if we have no purpose or reason.

All aspects are as important as the other. Without one we would not be like we are now and nothing would be right.

Joseph Campbell – Video Notes


When he is talking about the hero and heroin in stories he states that the hero or heroin is someone who has found, achived or done something beyond the normal range of experience. This is I find relates to the Jedi for 2 reasons. The first reason being is that Jedi study into the Force and developing special skills such as sense and in the world I live in that would not be classed as a normal thing to do but then again what is normal. The second reason being is that Jedi like to descover the mysteries of the Force therefore we may discover something that is not classed as “Normal”.

“A hero properly is someone who has given his life to something bigger than himself”. This relates to the Jedi being of service to others. Jedi will sacrafice things to put others before them as keepers of the peace. Jedi will give up there lives to be of service to their people their community.

When joseph talks about the spiritual side of the hero and that he has achived something outside the normal range of experience this again ties in with the jedi. Being able to feel the force around us, being able to maybe do things through energy work. Being able to interact with the force. This to some would not be inside the normal range of experience.
Joseph talks about someone saying that you are a hero at birth and I agree with that statement.

Everyone has the potiental to be a hero and before birth like he says we go through a huge transfromation. We all have potiental to be something of a hero wether it be Jedi or something else.

Ten minutes into the video I noticed that the hero has to sacrafice and it is mentioned a lot and this I feel ties in with the Jedi. A Jedi tends to sacrafice a lot to be a keeper of the peace.

Joseph talks about the hero he saw in a movie became a role model for him. I think Jedi should be good role models in their deeds etc. Jedi are keepers of the peace and they should be good role models.

Listening to a lot of josephs stories they all have adventure. This is implying to me that a Jedi’s life is a sort of adventure that we must embark on. Maybe a spiritual adventure rather than a hero trying to save the world.

When joseph talks about the dragon representing greed and all. It became clear to me that all people have this dragon we learn to not listen to its temptation etc. The message I got from this is that Jedi do there best not to give into temptation and we keep restraint so we are not tempted by dark things such as greed.

Joseph talkes about the place a hero seeks to be. The buddha being nirvana etc I feel that this is sort of the same with a Jedi but the place that the Jedi seek is the world being in harmoney.

After watching the video till the end what I got into my head what that a Jedi is much like the heros Joseph talks about and that the Jedi will ebark on a journey like the hero maybe not saving lives and all but a spiritual journey and helping people keeping the peace.

Love Letter to My soulmate

Before I met you there were many points in my life I had thought of you but never knew who you were. Id think of the perfect person. The one who would love me like I loved them. Someone who would make a sacrafice as big as I would. But as I went though the years I never found you. I went through relationship after relationship searching for you. Id be with one person for a few days and then know its not you. I had many dreams and hopes of you and as I waited for you I fell more in more in love with you. Although I had not met you. Or seen you or even known your name. I knew that you exist somewhere in the world.

From a young age this thought started. Not from when adults say you can understand love. Much much before. Oh yes a long time before. I was only eight maybe even seven. I would sigh at night whilst I dreamed of you. I would become depressed if people treated me like dirt. For anything and everything. But the thought of you keept me going. But even though I did not know you I still carried on the hope and the dream. I believed that if you believe hard enough in something then it will eventually come true. And that if you give up then you will never grasp hold of your dreams. Some people say that only those bold enough to chase dreams are willing to catch them. And I guess I thought I was one of those people.

Although the longer I waited the more painful it seemed to be without you I always had faith that I would be with you one day. I hoped every morning that today would be the day but it never came. I was getting use to getting exited and then getting it blown down. It was becoming a lifestyle more than anything else.

I would always picture your face in my dreams. You were like a princess. Like no other. Beautiful, kind, loving and strong. I pictured me and you being one. We would be stronger together. And that nothing would break our bond. However life didnt seem to be that fantasy. Life is not a dream but life is what you make it.

Eventually as I grew older the faith was their but it was getting weaker and weaker. Life seemed to be to long. However when your looking for something it’s harder to find. One day I decided to stop and go with the flow of fate. And that very moment I stopped. I found you.

Fate works in mysterious ways. Love can start in many ways. People can find love through a random click of a button or open of a door. But some can find it through long time of getting to know them. But I knew as soon as I saw you. The dream was in reach. But as I tried to catch I was scared. I would mess up the oppertunity however you cannot mess up fate. Destiny is ment to be. And you are my destiny.

When you catch a dream you make a new one. New goals, targets. And now that we have our love in the palm of our hands. I now see our next steps. I want to marry you. Have a family with you. Live with you. Grow old with you. And pass with you. And be eternally with you.

By Darren Taylor

To my beloved Sarah

I Love You Sarah

Is Pornography Wrong?

I was thinking today in my bed about pornography and whether or not it’s right. I was thinking on reasons people watch and what consequences it may have etc and I could not come to a fixed conclusion. Below I will list some good and bad things it can provide.


  1. If someone is very lonely and watches pornography and it helps their loneliness is it really a bad thing. Really all it has done is help the person.
  2. Someone may get pleasure out of watching or looking at pornography therefore they have become happy.
  3. It can expand your own imagination in a sexual manor.
  4. It can give you ideas for sexual intercourse with your partner.



  1. This may make your partner self conscious and she might think she is not good enough for you because your looking at other woman.
  2. May influence some people to commit forced sex (Rape).
  3. Can infect a young persons mind and mentally scar them.
  4. Can make you feel lonely because you want someone to be intimate with.

Personally I do not have a fixed view on Pornography if it does good for the person then there is no harm but if not then obviously its not a good thing. I would like to hear your ideas on pornography so it would be nice if you could leave a comment and I will add your views into the post.

Charles Said: 

I’ll have to disagree with these points and then bring up a couple myself.
“2 May influence some people to commit forced sex (Rape).
3 Can infect a young persons mind and mentally scar them.
4 Can make you feel lonely because you want someone to be intimate with.”

Nothing influences someone to commit rape. They do that on their own and look for excuses. I wouldn’t say it “infects” a young persons mind. A young persons mind once they hit puberty is about sex 24/7 anyway as I recall my own youth. What I can say is that, in any instance, it’s illegal for a youth to view pornography. As for the feeling lonely, that exists with or without stimulation at that point.

However what it CAN do is desensitize the brain to an extent. When your looking at naked bodies having intercourse how sensitive will your mind, and body over time, be to actual intercourse?

I wouldn’t say it’s a major danger, I’d say though if you find yourself becoming desensitized definitely take a break. On the other side of that, for men, it could be an invaluable tool for learning to control your own erections and prevent premature orgasm.

Tai’s Reply:

You make an interesting point about it being illegal for kids to watch pornography and I agree with you but the problem with it on the net is that wether is a kid is 16, 17 or even 7 all you need to do is press the button that says im 18. So really these sites are not very secure as anyone can go into it at any age.

Galaxy :- Vrikaurvan

Tai-Da’s Library has named this galaxy in dedication to all the people out there who are less fortunate than the rest of us. The Galaxy has been named Vrikaurvan (Tai’s last name). Tai-Da’s Library was going to name a star but we thought a galaxy was bigger.

Galaxy Number :- PGC2776175

Coordanites :- RA: 12.96345 Declination: 78.31092

If you would like to see the galaxy use the link below.